MakeItHome for macOS

The revolution for your GUI that you didn’t know you needed


Expand your vision of your desktop.

Your Personal Open Source Workspace Revolution

MakeItHome transforms your workspace into a personalized sanctuary, where your most-used applications are just a flick of the mouse away. Say goodbye to the confines of your screen and experience the freedom to effortlessly access your preferred tools and apps.

Unleash Your Productivity

Accelerate your pointer along the edges or bottom of your screen, breaking the boundaries of your computer. Dive into your favorite applications instantly and declutter your workspace. Don't need an app anymore? A simple drag removes it, giving you control like never before.

Innovative Screen-Breaking Technology

Discover the magic of our screen-breaking effect. Seamlessly break through the traditional limitations of your screen to access hidden features, notes, widgets, or even effortlessly drag and drop files, creating a dynamic, scrolling clipboard.

Tailored to Your Workflow

MakeItHome adapts to your needs, supporting virtual desktops and multi-monitor setups without disrupting your workflow. Customizable settings, accessible from the Menu Bar, empower you to fine-tune your experience, ensuring seamless integration into your unique setup.

What Sets MakeItHome Apart

Unlike anything you’ve experienced, MakeItHome not only elevates your productivity but also offers a glimpse into the future of user interaction. The screen recording feature, essential for our breakthrough effect, ensures a seamless and immersive experience, without compromising your privacy.

Join the Revolution

Be a part of the future of workspace interaction. Gecko's Ink invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of MakeItHome. Our team is dedicated to refining your experience, and your feedback at our support center is invaluable in shaping the future of our innovative tool.

How It Works

It's effortless. Move your mouse beyond the screen borders, and witness the magic unfold. Experience the liberating feeling of breaking free from the constraints of your monitor, and reimagine how you interact with your digital world.

MakeItHome intuitively displays your frequently used applications, empowering you to effortlessly remove unwanted ones with a simple drag-away gesture, putting you in control of your workspace

To work MakeItHome requires screen recording permission: it is necessary to save apps previews and create the screen's boundaries-breaking effect. No screenshots will be saved or sent anywhere. MakeItHome could also require the Accessibility permission to create a transparent mouse slowing effect where necessary (like the Dock or menu side) to avoid the involuntary activation of the overscreen effect maintaining the cursor under the control of the user.